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Also available as Automatic conveyor type Sleeve Wrapper Line

Sleeve wrapper: ERA 500 S –ERA 700 S –ERA 900 S –ERA 1250 S

Tunnel: ERA 4845 – ERA 6848 – ERA 8848 – ERA 12548


Erapa automatic sleeve wrapper line Auto Pusher

Main features

  • Sealing Teflon coated hot bar electronically controlled.
  • Top and bottom motor driven film unwinding station, for easy product introduction in sealing zone and with automatic film recovery.
  • Pusher pneumatically operated by push-buttons.
  • Pushing length 20mm (mod.500) 420 mm (other models).
  • Safety stop on sealing bar down motion, should on its trajectory bean obstacle.
  • Used film: Flat polyethylene film.
  • Average output:120/600 Pac/hour (purely an indication as depends on type and dimension of product, consequence of package and type of film used).
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