Shrink Wrapping – Semi Automatic

LadyPack 45 – 65 – 80 – 110 Range

The LADYPACK® range of semi automatic shrink wrapping machines – the product of years of research, development and constant improvement, ensuring Erapa products continue to evolve to the high quality demanded.
All the LadyPack semi automatic systems have the unique feature of a forward/reverse or forward/forward cycle.

Sealing Dimensions:

From 450mm x 340mm up to 1150mm x 900mm

Features Include:

• Automatic infeed conveyor
• Temperature controlled impulse sealing blade
• Automatic sealing arm release
• Cycle counter
• Air-cooled tunnel jacket

• Hot air recycling system
• Simple Microprocessor/touch controls
• High volume production
• Variable product routing
• Single operator

• Excellent pack presentation
• Compact and mobile
• Low running costs
• Low level maintenance
• Operates with PVC, Polyolefin and Polyethlene film

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