Sleeve Wrapping Machines

Sleeve Wrapping Machines in The Vacuum Pump range supplied by Erapa are suitable for all types of products, incorporating the following standard parameters:

  • Sealing bar widths from 710mm to 2200mm
  • Tunnel heights of up to 620mm
  • Tunnel lengths of up to 3000mm

All machines can be either manually fed of interfaced into fully automatic existing production lines. In addition to the vast range of sealing sizes and shrink tunnels this range of machinery can be supplied with the following features:

  • Right & left hand infeed conveyors
  • In-line infeed conveyors
  • Multiple row pack collation device
  • Upwards stacking box device
  • Stacking device for flexible bags
  • Base card insertion station
  • Double infeed and sealing heads
  • Brush stabilizers
  • Closing conveyors, for light, soft or small products
  • Steam heating for laundry installations
  • Film brush down rollers at tunnel exit
  • Tunnel reducing panels
  • Film cooling blowers at tunnel exit
  • Modular systems with infeed, intermediate and outfeed conveyors for longer products

The Vacuum Pump AP60

The semi automatic range of pneumatically operated, mono block design sleeve wrapping machines, complete with product infeed pusher, starts with the AP60 dual button operation machine. This system comprises a 710mm wide sealing head, and compact one metre long tunnel having a tunnel aperture of 600mm W x 420mm H.


The Vacuum Pump AM70AMC

The Vacuum Pump range of sleeve wrapping machines progresses up to the fully automatic, PLC controlled, AM70AMC which is capable of taking a high speed single lane of bottles, assembling them into the number of rows required, onto the base card inserting station, through the sealing head & into the shrink tunnel.

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