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In line with Erapa’s aim of total product support, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of shrink films to compliment the range of flexible packaging systems we offer. At Erapa we understand that consistency and quality of film are essential to our customers in order not to compromise productivity or presentation. We insist on all of our films being of the highest quality and consistency and after extensive market and product research, work in partnership with only well established and reliable manufacturers.

Erapa offer our customers the following generic grades of shrink film:

Polyolefin - supplied by Clysar

All of our films are available in various widths and thickness. We supply industrial or food grade shrink films as required, in Single Wound or Centrefolded. Erapa are also able to supply bespoke films such as full colour print for our customers. Erapa are able to satisfy all our customers’ flow wrap material requirements from plain polypropylene through to printed metalised and barrier materials, as well as coated material for cold seal applications.

Polyolefin - supplied by Clysar shrink film

Erapa have been promoting and distributing the Clysar polyolefin range of films for the past fifteen years. Through product research and customer recommendations, Erapa have found the Clysar films to be an extremely versatile family of high-clarity polyolefin shrink films. The Clysar range has been specifically designed to satisfy a myriad of packaging needs such as protecting sharp or fragile products during shipping and handling, draw attention and interest at the retail shelf or to provide package opening and storage convenience to build brand loyalty. All of our polyolefin films are manufactured by Clysar to ensure our commitment of quality and reliability to our customers is never compromised.

sealdair shrink film


Clysar HP Gold/VHG

Clysar HP Gold is the multi-purpose workhorse in the family of Clysar shrink films. It is a clear, biaxially oriented, linear low-density shrink film, and, through extensive in-house product testing and customer recommendations, Erapa have found this product to be specifically crosslinked to provide strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage across a broad operating range. This film has been designed to tolerate tunnels and sealing systems that have wide variations in control and is compatible with all sealing systems. It will also perform well in less-than optimum seal equipment conditions and is compatible with the LDPE recycle stream. A non-printable hot slip version, Clysar HPS Gold is also available.

Available gauges: 60, 75, 125, 150, 200.


Clysar LE Gold

Clysar LEG (LE Gold) is a new thin heat-shrinkable polyolefin film. Erapa and our customers have found this film is able to deliver unsurpassed performance in applications that demand minimum shrink force while the film is shrinking to avoid deforming or collapsing the product. Clysar LEG combines very high available shrinkage at low temperatures and the lowest shrink force in the Clysar family of shrink films. Erapa has found this film to be ideal for “low-energy” applications but also extremely easy to use on all shrink-wrap equipment without sacrificing properties essential to customers such as high percent of shrinkage, strength, clarity and gloss.

Available gauge: 60 or 75 gauge as either flat or folded film.


Clysar LLG

Clysar LLG is a tough, durable film that combines puncture resistance with strong optical and graphics capabilities. Erapa’s experience of this film is that it will achieve its best shrink performance at low tunnel temperatures and in addition, seals well with a very short dwell time. A non-printable hot slip version also is available, Clysar LLPS Gold.

Available gauges: 60, 75, 100, 150.


Clysar EHC

Clysar EHC features the stiffest grade and greatest sheet flatness in the entire family of Clysar shrink films, making it an ideal choice for high-speed shrink-wrapping systems. Erapa have found this film to have excellent clarity and strong graphics capabilities, creating a secure package with maximum shelf appeal. It outperforms competitive multilayer and polyethylene films in static seal applications. Clysar EHC achieves its best shrink performance at higher tunnel temperatures. In fact, its shrink force is the highest of all Clysar films. A non-printable hot slip version, Clysar CHS, is also available.

Available gauges: 60, 75, 100, 150.


Clysar ABL

Clysar ABL is a tough, durable, soft shrink film that features excellent tear resistance, puncture resistance, and memory. This film was designed specifically for use with a wide variety of sealers and for tunnels with limited air flow. Erapa would recommend this film for wrapping high profile or oddly shaped packages. Clysar ABL also runs well on all L-sealers and automatic side seal systems with a wide range of tunnel temperatures.

Available gauges: 50, 60, 75, 100, 125, 200.


Clysar AFG

Clysar AFG is a printable, high-clarity film that won't fog up or promote condensation under ambient temperature conditions. Erapa highly recommend this product as an ideal overwrap for fresh food and meat products. A polyethylene-based shrink film, Clysar AFG, has excellent recovery and memory properties that help maintain good-looking packages through distribution and consumer handling.


Clysar ShrinkBox

Clysar ShrinkBox™ film is superior when toughness, puncture resistance and abrasion resistance are required in a clear film. Erapa have found this film to have excellent seals and high shrink force to keep products safe and tightly wrapped. It is also designed for retail applications where improved package appearance is desired to show off a product. ShrinkBox film saves the cost of corrugated materials and their dedicated storage areas.


Clysar EZ/VEZ

Through our programme of in-house testing, Erapa have found Clysar EZ to be a multilayer film with very good heat shrink characteristics, superior shrink appearance, and good static seal properties. It is a printable film, compatible with most shrink-wrap equipment, including mid- and high-speed systems. This film will shrink at medium temperatures, has relatively low shrink force and high available shrinkage. It is also compatible with the “mixed” recycle stream.

Available gauges: 60, 75, 100.


Polythene / PVC / Polypropolene

Food grade, strong transit material, mailing packs.

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