Mailing Machines

Erapa's range of mailing machinery covers the full spectrum from manual and semi automatic through to fully automatic systems  - at all times maintaining performance, versatility and ease of operation.

Vision Mail

The Erapa mailing range starts with the hand fed stand alone vertical "Vision Mail". The operator simply drops the item to be wrapped in to the forming box at the top of the machine which already has the chosen material loaded.

The machine is ideal for wrapping newspapers, catalogues, examination papers and magazines down to individual sheets at speeds up to 15-20 wraps per minute.

The machine is supplied with either 8-12-15mm forming boxes a digital control panel with individual piece counter that can be pre set to determine the number of items to be wrapped along with a programs which can memorize bag length, sealing temperatures, product thickness, cutting time and machine speed to name a few.


Accessories - Uplift Conveyors

The Vision Mail mailing machine has the great advantage to be combined with a series of modular accessories which further assist with the automation of the processes such as the following.

Uplift Conveyors which convey the wrapped magazine catalogue or A4 sheets away from the machine to a larger holding area for onward packing or processing.


Infeed conveyor

Magazine feeding conveyor which can be interfaced to the vertical mailing machine and therefore allows the operator to loud the item to be wrapped in a horizontal fashion with additional header sheet if required at speeds up to 20-25 packs per minute.

In addition to the infeed conveyor it is possible to combine one or more stainless steel automatic magazine feeds directly on top of the conveyor.

All of the above feeding devices can be easily interfaced after your initial installation.


Horizontal Packing Machine

The completely automatic horizontal packaging machine, is extremely compact and with an innovative sealing system (worldwide patented). The product is placed either manually or automatically fed between adjustable side guides and driven into a forming box by a series of pushers.
Whilst the central sealing is being carried out down the reserve of the pack by a heated wheel then transverse seal is completed by an alternative movement two moving pliers which seal and cut the film as the product is being transported on the machines internal exit conveyor belt.


Single Wound Sheet

The machine uses (SWS) Single Wound Sheet and generates no offcuts/waste to be disposed of either PE or PP.
For wrapping newspapers, magazines, cosmetics, video tapes, books etc.

Power Supply: 220V
Max Power: 1 kW
Max Speed: 50 packs per minute dependant on product
Max Roll Width: 650mm
Machine Weight: 450 Kgs
Max Product Height: 30mm
Max Pack Length: 420mm
Max Pack Width: 300mm

Telephone: +44 (0)1582 722462
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